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Pennies in a charity jar and hearts on wooden table image for leaving a gift to a charity in your will blog

Leaving a gift to a charity in your Will

With so many of us supporting charities, clients often ask us if they can leave a gift to a charity within their Will. Of course, leaving a charitable gift in your Will is a nice thing to do, however it is important to seek appropriate advice as leaving such a gift is not as straightforward as you may think.

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Paper cut out family image for what happens if a person dies without a will blog

What happens if a person dies without making a Will?

If someone dies without leaving a Will, their estate will be dealt with under the intestacy rules. The intestacy rules determine who will inherit your estate. This could mean that the person you wish to inherit your estate is not the person who will inherit your estate.

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Wooden houses being viewed through a magnifying glass next to a sack of money with taxes written on it image for Will I pay Inheritance Tax blog

Will I pay inheritance tax?

One of the most important matters to consider when making your Will, is if there is any opportunity to mitigate inheritance tax, and quite often with inheritance tax planning, the earlier you seek the advice, the more options will be available to you.

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Person writing on a notepad image for handwritten wills explained blog

Handwritten Wills Explained

We often get asked if a handwritten Statement of Wishes would be sufficient to pass as a valid Will.

Handwritten Wills, also known as Holographic Wills, are Wills where the person to whom the document relates, writes the Will themselves and signs it

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Coins and calculator image for what happens to my debt when i die blog

What happens to my debt when I die?

Our debts do not die with us, they are carried over into our estate. It is reported that Michael Jackson died with approximately £500 million worth of total debt; so what happens to these debts after we die?

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Silhouette of female singer image for Free Britney why has her father taken control of her finances blog

#FreeBritney – why has Britney Spears’ father taken control of her finances?

On Tuesday 16th February, the documentary ‘Framing Britney Spears’ was aired in the UK. The documentary has sparked much debate about why Britney Spears’ father has control over her finances and there is currently a #FreeBritney movement started by members of the public who are concerned for Britney’s welfare and are questioning why she has no control over her own spending and financial affairs.

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person holding a smartphone and using a laptop image for why you should include digital assets in your will blog

Law Society urges people to include digital assets in their Wills

A survey commissioned by the Law Society has found that 93% of those who have made a Will, have not included any digital assets within it. They have further quoted that just a quarter of the 1,000 people asked, knew what would happen to their digital assets after they die – with only 7% saying that they fully understand.

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Make a will written on notepad image for make a will checklist

Making a Will checklist

To assist you with making your Will, we have put together a checklist which will help you understand the kind of decisions you will need to make and what information you should start preparing.

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What to do when a loved one dies image of tulips

What to do when a loved one dies

The following guide has been written to help you prioritise the next steps that need to be taken when a loved one dies, including recent changes in procedure during the Coronavirus Pandemic and will answer some of the questions that we are being asked by our clients most often.

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