How can I protect my pet when I die?

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We all love our pets yet many of us do not consider what would happen to them when we die.

It is possible to make provision for your pets in your Will, however this is often overlooked. Our pets are part of the family and it is important that we have a clear set of instructions so that they are taken care of when we are no longer around.

Leaving pets as gifts in your Will

You can leave a gift of your pet to a family member or friend or even an organisation.

We advise that you check with whomever you wish to leave your pet to first, to ensure they would be happy to care for them. It is also a good idea to have a fall-back position, a second set of instructions just in case your first choice is no longer able to look after your pet, or dies before you.

Leaving money to pay for the care of your pet

Although it isn’t possible to leave a cash gift directly to your dog, cat or horse, you can leave monies for their benefit to pay for their maintenance. We advise that any cash gift is conditional on the person taking ownership of your pet and that the monies are for the benefit of the animal only.

Careful drafting is required when making gifts of pets to ensure that they are enforceable, cover all eventuality and are in accordance with your wishes.

As with any Will, it is important to take advice from a qualified lawyer who can advise you on all options available for the protection of your pet and give you peace of mind of a legally drafted Will.

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