Why should I use a lawyer to draft my Will?

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There comes a point in all our lives when we think about making a Will. The harsh reality is that one day we will all pass away and what will happen to our estates will depend on whether we made a Will. We all live in a world now that has so much choice for consumers and with the added benefit of the internet, how should you choose to make your Will?

There was a time when a lawyer was the only option, but now with so many companies offering Will-writing services, or websites offering Will writing software, is it best to shop around? Is the cheapest option always the best option?

So, do I need a Lawyer to draft my Will?

When going to see a lawyer to give instructions for your Will, you have the option of a face to face meeting at the office, or a virtual meeting by Zoom or video call, so any questions and concerns can be addressed immediately. A badly drafted Will can be open to being challenged and even result in expensive litigation if the draftsperson has not retained detailed records and file notes. An unregulated Will Writer will not have insurance or contribute to a compensation fund which can leave your loved ones with no possibility of action against them. Therefore any saving made by choosing a unregulated entity instead of a qualified and regulated solicitor or Chartered Legal Executive can be easily offset by legal fees for your family and/or beneficiaries after you have passed away. With a law firm you have the peace of mind that you are protected if something should go wrong

You will be given full advice regarding all of your decisions, and the strict rules of signing and witnessing your Will, as stated in the Wills Act 1837, and taking into account the recent temporary changes to this legislation due to the corona virus pandemic will be complied with.

As lawyers we will always advise you regarding Inheritance Tax and the possibility of paying future care home fees. Should you have assets outside the UK, or run a business, we will also take this into account when taking your instructions.

It is common these days for family situations to be complicated, such as children from a previous partner and family members living abroad. These are just some examples of situations where we can advise you accordingly and make sure that provisions are made in accordance with your wishes.

The benefit of using a lawyer to draft your Will

There have been occasions in the past where we have administered estates whereby the deceased wanted their money to go to a particular branch of a charity, however due to bad Will drafting, the money was taken by the Head Office and distributed how they saw fit. This can be upsetting for the family, particularly if the deceased had a relationship with a particular branch of the charity in question. As qualified Lawyers, we are trained to always seek clarity on the details of your wishes to avoid these issues and ultimately provide you with a carefully and well drafted Will.

The law surrounding Wills, Inheritance Tax and Trusts is complex and as lawyers we are well trained in this area; we will be up to date with the law – including recent changes due to the pandemic and the post-Brexit landscape, and we are able to advise you accordingly. The complicated bits will be done for you and all you need to do is explain what you want to happen. It is the lawyer’s job to make it workable.

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